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Graduate School of Information Science and Technology,
Osaka University


  • Mar., 1994 Born
  • Mar., 2013 Graduated from MEITOKU GIJUKU Senior High School
  • Apr., 2013 Entered School of Engineering Science, Osaka University

  • Research

  • Information-Centric Networking (ICN)
  • Theme: On the Use of Naming Scheme for Controlling Flying Router in Information Centric Networking
    Period: 2016/8 ~
    Abstract: Recently, Information-Centric Networking (ICN), which is a content-oriented network rather than host-oriented, is attracting attention as a network capable of flexible communication in IoT environment. As a research on flexible control in ICN, our research group has been researching a mobile router using a drone to realize communication in a sensor network environment and fragmented networks in a disaster. In previous studies, control of mobile routers was targeted only for passive mobility control to respond to content requests. However, active mobility control is indispensable to realize a strategy such as content acquisition based on content priority. If attributes such as priority can be taken into consideration in mobility control of mobile routers, it is possible to acquire contents more flexibly and faster than conventional methods. Therefore, in this report, in order to realize a system that can actively control mobile routers, we suggest a movable router FR (Flying Router) into which a mobility control system that utilizing ICN's naming schema and ICN's strategy layer installed. As an implementation of ICN, targeting NDN (Named Data Networking), we design the API, the control component, and the packet structure necessary for realizing the mobility control system by extending the NDN packet forwarder NFD (NDN Forwarding Daemon). Through verifing communication between the mobility control system and FR that uses the naming schema in ICN above, we show that it is possible to use the ICN naming schema as FR movement control API, and to enable active control of FR.


    Murata Lab.
    School of Engineering Science, Osaka University