Yoshinobu Shijo

I am a Ph.D student of the Advanced network architecture laboratory of the Graduate School on Information Science, Osaka University, Japan. Currently I am studying about integrations of blockchain and IoT.
For my work experience, I was ex-CTO of Japanese startup, LastRoots, where I developed bitcoin-based cryptocurrency "c0ban" and raised 6.3M USD on ICO in Japan. In addition, I managed engineer team which consists of 30+ people. I also deliver consulting services for lots of companies that try to utilize blockchain technologies into their businesses. I believe the potential of blockchain, on the other hand, I think blockchain is not well utilized because of lack of fundamental knowledge about it. So I want to give a lot of useful practical information based on my working experience in blockchain company and current research results in Ph.D course.
Twitter: @yoshijo04
Facebook: yoshinobu.shijo
Email: y-shijo[at]ist.osaka-u.ac.jp

Educational background

Ph.D Course in Graduate school of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University
October 2018 - Present
Master Course in Graduate school of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University
April 2014 - March 2016
Received M.E. in Information Science
Bachelor Course in Faculty of Engineering Science, Osaka University
April 2010 - March 2014
Graduated with highest honors (summa cum laude)

Work Experience

Freelancer, Technical Advisor
Aug. 2018 - Present
Japan, Singapore
LastRoots Co. Ltd.
June 2017 - May 2018
Japan, Vietnam
Sapporo Lion Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Assistant General Manager(as Internship)
April 2016 - June 2016


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  2. Yoshinobu Shijo, Shin'ichi Arakawa, and Masayuki Murata, "Topological analysis of the brain functional networks," in Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies (formerly BIONETICS), (Boston), December 2014.
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Others (Awards, Lectures, etc)

  1. (As a Session Presenter) "Google Cloud Dataflowで実現するストリームおよびバッチデータ処理," Google Cloud Next'17 in Tokyo, June 2017. [video]
  2. (As a interview for off-shore management) Evolable Asia, Aug. 2017. [link]
  3. (As a interview for team management) TECH LIFE, July 2017. [link]
  4. Kusumoto Award, Osaka University, March 2014.
  5. (As a Guest) "みのおエフエム「タッキー816」," まちのラジオ(大阪大学社学連携事業), Feb. 2014.